Here you'll find what’s new at RMRI, including new services or news from the world of health and imaging services.

Welcome to Our Blog

RMRI has made changes to our web site!

We’ve added more content like online patient forms you can fill out prior to your office visit, along with information about our newest pain management services. Also included is a newsletter sign-up to receive any additional information from RMRI, plus seals of accreditation for our numerous diagnostic imaging services.

Perhaps the biggest change is a new price listing of our services.

We realize the medical landscape is changing rapidly. With an uncertain insurance market and rising deductibles, it’s more important than ever to keep your options open. That’s why we’ve listed the out-of-pocket pricing for most of our services.

Many of our patients told us that paying directly rather than paying insurance deductibles may be better for them, so we listened. By visiting RMRI's procedure and imaging fees page, you can see the various choices available to you. Please call our office with any questions.