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Bone Density Testing

What is Bone Density Testing?

This is a computerized imaging device that measures bone mineral density with special x-ray beams. In addition to providing your doctors with an overall picture of the health of your bones, it is the most effective way to detect osteoporosis and osteopenia early. It is also useful in helping assess your risk of developing fractures. The procedure is painless, and exposes patients to less radiation than standard x-rays.

What to Expect During Your Bone Density Testing

Radiology and MRI of Bethlehem is equipped with a GE Lunar DMX unit. The exam usually takes about 20 minutes.

When you arrive for the exam, the technician will ask you about possible risk factors, and take your weight and height measurements. This information helps insure the most accurate scan. You may be asked to remove any items that could interfere with the scan. Patient scrub tops and pants will be provided for you to wear during the scan if needed.

You will lie on a padded table, fully clothed, while a machine moves back and forth above the hip and abdominal region. During the exam, three areas of the body are usually scanned; the hips, lower spine and /or non-dominant forearm.

After the exam, a report will be prepared and sent to your Doctor, who will go over the results with you.

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Preparing for Your Visit

General Instructions:
Patients should plan to arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment.

Please bring a form of photo identification, any prescriptions from your physician, referrals, insurance information, and any medical records that have been requested. Before scheduling your appointment please contact your healthcare insurance carrier for preauthorization if needed.

Below are some general guidelines to help patients prepare for their exam. Many procedures require patients to follow specific instructions beforehand. Those instructions are given to each patient and confirmed via phone by one of our staff members before their appointment.

Always follow the instructions provided specifically for you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your procedure and how to prepare for it, please call our office at 610-691-8931.

Preparing for Your Exam:
We recommend wearing comfortable clothing, free of metal in the area being scanned. This includes clothes that have zippers, metal buttons or snaps. Wearing pants with an elastic waistband will allow you to remain fully clothed during the study.

Please avoid taking calcium supplements the day of your exam.

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