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What is a Fluoroscopy?

Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique used to study the GI tract, spines and joints. The device passes a continuous x-ray beam through the body so moving internal parts can be seen in detail. It is like an x-ray "movie."

What to Expect During Your Fluoroscopy Exam

RMRI is equipped with a Toshiba Ultramax C-arm and can perform several types of Fluoroscopic exams (see below). Depending on the area being examined, the procedure can take from 30 minutes to a few hours.

When you arrive for the exam, you may be asked to remove any items that could interfere with the scan, and you will be provided with patient scrubs and tops to change into, if needed.

You will be asked to lie or stand between the X-ray machine and an imaging tower. Depending on the procedure, an intravenous line may be started in your arm or a catheter may be inserted, and a contrast material may be injected into the IV line to help visualize the structure being studied. During the exam, the Radiologist will tell you when to hold your breath or change positions so they can see the area of interest from different angles.

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Preparing for Your Visit

General Instructions:
Patients should plan to arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment.

Please bring a form of photo identification, any prescriptions from your physician, referrals, insurance information, and any medical records that have been requested. Before scheduling your appointment please contact your healthcare insurance carrier for preauthorization if needed.

Below are some general guidelines to help patients prepare for their exam. Many procedures require patients to follow specific instructions beforehand. Those instructions are given to each patient and confirmed via phone by one of our staff members before their appointment.

Always follow the instructions provided specifically for you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your procedure and how to prepare for it, please call our office at 610-691-8931.

Preparing for Your Exam:
The specific type of procedure or examination being done will determine whether any preparation prior to the procedure is required. Your physician will notify you of any pre-procedure instructions.

Steps you may be asked to take in preparation for your exam, include:

  • GI Tract Exam
    • Nothing to eat or drink after midnight so that the contrast will adhere to GI tract.
    • You may have to change into a gown and remove jewelry in the area of interest.
  • Barium Enema
    • Instructions will be given for 18 hour preparation.
  • Arthrogram & Myelogram
    • Nothing to eat three hours before the study.
    • You may have to change into a gown and remove jewelry in the area of interest.

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